sebastian herkner

bauma Innovation Award (2007)

The bauma Innovation Award of the German Construction Industry was awarded at the bauma, the global trade fair dedicated to construction machinery and materials, held in Munich. The idea for the design of this award is based firstly on standard construction kits for model houses and machines, and secondly on the idea of transforming an object from 2D to 3D by folding it. The prize consists of a 4 mm thick stainless steel plate, laser engraved with symbols of all five categories. Each of these is characterized by a typical representative for that group. The smooth surface of the relevant winning category distinguished it from the otherwise sandblasted appearance of the plate. The design allows the winner to decide: should the prize be hung on the wall as a plate, or stood up on a desk by bending the V-grooves milled into the revers side?

in collaboration with Simon Schlör and Reinhard Dienes

commissioned by VDMA / bauma

awarded since 2007