sebastian herkner

Kate Chair (2007)

Kate Chair is a reinterpretation of a classical wing chair. By quoting the value perception and symbolism, the reinterpretation emphasises both its speciality and its features. It also grasps the wing chair by using innovative materials and new technologies. Being a contrast between analogical stitching as well as cushions at the seat and the innovative 3D technology of knitting of the oversized chair-back, Kate Chair appears known and familiar, next to new and simultaneously not yet experienced. The offering of different elastic and strong knitted areas as well as the resilient metal construction is important for the convenience. The user softly sinks in the front and is stabilised by the reverse of covering of the back chair. The seating element and the pillows, which are different in size and colour, are made of new wool. They enable diverse seating positions. The upholstered seat shell is fixed to the metal construction such as a saddle by a leather belt.