sebastian herkner

Perserfell #2 (2010)

Perserfell Perserfell #2 are Persian animal-hide carpets, which are shaped like a cow´s, a sheep´s or a fox´ hide but made of a material that is suitable for vegetarians. This second edition is made in connection with the exhibition new olds by ifa Germany (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e.V.) curated by Prof. Volker Albus. The exhibition will be shown in several international cities from 2011. Volker Albus, Designer, Curator Sebastian Herkner takes a new view of two of the great standard-bearers of traditional living culture – the oriental carpet and the animal-skin rug. He does this very cleverly, using two rather stuffy models and reworking them in a simple and cheap manner. The designer »crosses« these two classic floor objects, cutting a cheap oriental carpet into an animal silhouette – bull, sheep or fox – and then adding a lining. This is not only new, but also very amusing, and even subversive.