sebastian herkner

SAFI for Carl Mertens


Do vessels to store and present food and everyday utensils have to be colourful and made of plastic? Not at all! Sebastian Herkner designed precious bowls with matching lids for Carl Mertens. Inspired by Herkner, possibly today‘s most coveted German young designer, the cutlery manufacturer from Solingen is working with an elegant material combination of glass and stainless steel. The round, purist-style bowls are made according to the two-in-one principle: the light stainless steel lid is designed like a separate flat bowl. In connection with the glass bowl it serves as a protective cover and makes the storage containers stackable. Both parts are thus usable in combination or on their own. Due to its excellent design SAFI glasses provide a beautiful look for the table. SAFI, the Moroccan city, provided the inspiration for the architectural approach of the stackable product concept. The high quality finish is typical for Carl Mertens: the glass for the vessels is mouth-blown; the stainless steel is „made in Solingen“ and has been polished to high gloss. Table culture and design of the highest standard!

photos by Tim Sluiters

stainless steel & glass

producer: Carl Mertens

project assistant: Martin Hirth