sebastian herkner

Container for Pulpo (2013)

The Containers are made of silvered and tinted glass. You can use them like a vase or together with the lid like a vessel. This project is a result of the Glass is Tomorrow workshop 2012. Pulpo picked it up 2013 for their new collection.

producer: Pulpo



The project Container was created during an experimental glass workshop in Meisenthal. Based on the idea of using existing molds, I wanted to concentrate on the colors, transparency and finishing of simple containers. Working together in a team of glass blowers and craftmen was an exciting adventure and a big experience.

GLASS IS TOMORROW is a European network, which was launched on 1st June 2011, with the support of the “Culture” programme (2007-2013) of the European Union. The project aims at establishing a more fluid exchange of knowledge and competencies between glass and design professionals from all over Europe. Three workshops were organized, in Nuutajärvi (FI), Novy Bor (CZ) and Meisenthal (FR), during which glass blowers and designers had the opportunity
to meet, exchange, explore the constraints, possibilities and æsthetics of contemporary glass, as well as to learn from new production techniques. Centered around three themes, Stackability, Silver Glass and Out of the Mould, they challenged to re-invent typologies of everyday objects. This touring exhibition will now unveil the prototypes of the glass pieces that were created during the workshops, by highlighting as well the project GLASS IS TOMORROW through photographs, videos and a fully illustrated publication.

Designers :
Werner Aisslinger (DE), Lena Bergström (SE), Pierre Bindreiff/V8 (FR), Tim Brauns (DE), Studio Brichet -Ziegler (FR), Tina Bunyaprasit (DE), Studio Bystro Design (CZ), Sebastien Cordoleani (FR), Pierre Favresse (FR), Sébastien Geissert/V8 (FR), Verena Gompf (D), Alfredo Häberli (CH), Mendel Heit (DE), Sebastien Herkner (D), Klára Horá?ková (CZ),
Lucie Koldova (CZ), Wing Lam Kwok (BE), Arik Levy (FR), Cecilie Manz (DK), Studio Olgoj Chorchoj (CZ), Dagmar Pánková (CZ), Rony Plesl (CZ), Tadéas Podracky? (CZ), Leoš Smejkal (CZ), Maxim Velcovsky (CZ), Hubert Verstraeten (BE), Heikki Viinikainen (FI), Dan Yeffet (ISR)

Glass blowers :
Antoine Brodin (FR), Róisín de Buitleár (IR), Jacky Fauster (FR), Matteo Gonet (CH), Sara Hulkkonen (FI), Thibault Lafleuri (FR), Richard Loesel (FR), Michal Masek (CZ), Sébastien Maurer (FR), Rea Moisio (FI), Jean-Marc Schilt (FR), Martin Štefánek (CZ), Deborah Vollmer (FR), Jeremy Wintrebert (FR), Iittala glass blowers in Nuutajärvi, Verreum glass blowers in Novy Bor.

organisation: Glass is Tomorrow