sebastian herkner


Alle Metalle / all metal exhibition (2014)

Alle Metalle / all metal was an exhibition based on the correspondent book by Antonia Henschel for Trademark Publishing. The exhibition took part at 'Passagen' during imm Cologne from 13-19. January 2014. The exhibition showcased classic as well as contemporary objects, furnitures and lamps by designers like Konstantin Grcic, Tomás Alonso, Mategot, Mark Holmes, Sebastian Herkner, Oskar Zieta, Stefan Diez, Kai Linke, Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Poul Henningsen among others.
All exhibits have in common that they are manufactured in noble metal or nonferrous metal like copper or brass. The exhibition was initiated and edited by Antonia Henschel and Sebastian Herkner.

commissioned by Trademark Publishing and TØNDEL - Interior Design

in collaboration with: SIGN Kommunikation / Antonia Henschel