sebastian herkner


WAN teaset for Rosenthal (2014)

In Asian culture, an entire ceremony is dedicated to the art of brewing and drinking tea. It is an opportunity for inner reflection, celebrates leisure and is kept deliberately simple. These ideas are also reflected in the “Wan” (which is the Chinese word for bowl) tea set designed by Sebastian Herkner for Rosenthal. Inspired by his travels to China, Herkner designed a classic set comprising a teapot, bowls, plates, a milk jug and sugar bowls. In his cooperation with Rosenthal, Herkner remains true to his style of combining traditional materials with a clear design language and a high level of functionality. The styling interprets and combines the experiences of tea culture in his home country and in China. Enjoying tea and relaxation are at the heart of the design. The clear, round shapes of the individual pieces embrace these aspects and give the tea the freedom it needs to develop.
The cups and teapot catch your eye thanks to their clear lines, fine and translucent material and understated elegance. The glass teapot lid and saucers and a fabric tea sieve with a matching porcelain bowl supplement the set.

porcelain & glass

producer: Rosenthal

project assistant: Martin Hirth, Marie Anne Le Corre & Robin Benito Schmid

pictures by Dirk Weyer