sebastian herkner


Collana for Rosenthal (2014)

The extravagant Collana collection of vases incorporates a refined fusion of traditional artisanal techniques employed in porcelain and glass production. The four white, conical porcelain vases, which already stand out thanks to the striking contrast of unglazed biscuit porcelain and a glazed rim, feature a tinted, hand-blown glass embellishment around the neck, just like a necklace, in either a transparent, grey, turquoise or red finish. The vase and dish are simply placed on top of each other like two geometrical elements and are held in place with a colour-contrasting ring. This allows for skilful variation of the impact generated by the object to suit the atmosphere and table or living arrangement. Here, the glass dish functions as a necklace, collana in Italian, giving the bouquet of flowers a bejewelling aura.

porcelain & tinted glass

producer: Rosenthal

pictures by Dirk Weyer