sebastian herkner


Skid for Caesarstone

Invited by Wallpaper* Editor-in-Chief Tony Chambers, we collaborated with Caesarstone from Israel. From kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, wall paneling or even custom-made furniture, Caesarstones´ quartz surfaces are the basic material for this design. Sebastian Herkners designs are known for exploring traditional and innovative materials as well as industrial and manufacturing processes. His work can be described as sensitive, functional, often as a collage of materials, surfaces and colors as well as an approach to the production way itself. His design SKID continues these attitudes, focusing on Caesarstone panels, using them in flat sheets in a 2D way and transfer them in 3D objects like a bench and a table. Herkners idea is focusing just on this flatware as the pure medium of the two objects, a material which is common known from applications in kitchens but not in the field of furniture design yet.
Inspired by archaic wooden structures and using the knock-down principle, his studio developed and realized in cooperation with Caesarstone a bench and a table using the new and smooth Supernatural Colors and two accent patterns. Sticking together 21 elements of various boards, you can assemble the bench with an asymmetric backrest and an additional round table. The side-table consists of 22 cutted elements. Both items have a spontaneous character, playing with the variety and the properties of these materials. The concept offers the freedom in the use of both designs. The knock-down idea allows Herkner to use a strong, heavy and solid material in a way like wood or paper. Creating a volume with flat materials is especially in the status of making models in a design studio a big  and necessary method. Skid is the result of the studios experiences in this way of working using a uncommon material in the way of knocking down.

producer: Caesarstone