sebastian herkner


Hasso Plattner Founders Award for SAP (2014)

Sebastian Herkner designed the Hasso Plattner Founders Awards, which were presented end of last year to the best employees of international company SAP. In agreement with Hasso Plattner and his team we designed a glass lens made of casted optical glass. A lens is a kind of miracle. You can enlarge thinks to see small details on an object. Looking on a shell you can see the cells and the whole structure of its construction. You can focus on things starting from the whole piece and pointing in a small section. On the other hand you can use the lens also like a telescope to get the landscape closer to you like a zoom. It is micro and macro in one piece. A lens is a symbol of high precision, but appearing immaterial. The round shape is a synonym of the globe.

commissioned by SAP