sebastian herkner


Compagno for Bosa (2015)

Curator Silvana Annicchiarico invited us to design an object for upcoming exhibition "ANIMAlità" at the Triennale in Milano. All objects are produced by Italian ceramic manufacturer Bosa. Our design "Compagno" will be displayed next to designs by Sam Baron, Jaime Hayon, Lanzavecchia+Wai, Ionna Vautrin amongst others.

Beetle, Fish and Bird are the ambassadors for the elements earth, water and wind. This small companions are zoomorphic objects to present the absence of nature in our daily life especially in the up coming mega cities. They remind us to live responsible in our environment and its resources and creatures. The design is reduced to the maximum and essence of each ambassador. Each silhouette illustrates the typical characteristics like wing, tale or beak. The three objects are lying smooth in your hand like worry stones with there clean surfaces. We selected three typical surface finishes from Bosa to emphasize the impression of each representative. Our aim was to get small scaled objects called Compagno which you can take with you like a talisman.

Bird: Cipria opaco Matt Powder Pink
Fish: 49 blu pavone 49 peacock blue
Beetle: 16/83 Oro Verde Opaco 16/38 Matt Green Gold

producer: Bosa