sebastian herkner


Unam Rocker for Very Wood (2015)

Unam Rocker is a new member of the successful Unam collection for Very Wood. Inspired by Jean Jeanneret’s pragmatic projects in India, Herkner has transferred these concepts in their own design language. Clean lines and authentic materials characterize the design of this product, which is based on skills and aesthetic related to tradition and revisited in a modern key. The structure of the chair is made up of simple wooden elements that recall traditional wooden constructions. The two arched elements that serve as front legs and the arms say a lot about its design and character. This latter is available in two finishes, one woven and one covered. The combination between traditional elements such as the curve and the twine and their articulation into a modern design make Unam an interesting and extremely readable piece of furniture. The Unam chair is a seat to relax and forget the outside influences. The combination of materials and proportions release a sense of protection and security. Unam is now also available in the new outdoor version in iroko with interlaced nautical rope available in white , black, hemp , brown, red and grey. Foam on the seat is water repellent.

producer: Very Wood by Gervasoni