sebastian herkner


Increasing Details for Danish TM (2015)

Increasing Details for Re-Framing Danish Design

Simplicity, craftsmanship, sustainbility, functionality, modularity, self-explanatory, mobility, poetry, transfer, irony

These ten characteristics are interchangeable, they define to us why Danish Design is so important in the design history. As a product designer, you try your best to envision an object in terms of functions, aesthetics, materials, technical details, etc., but there is one thing remaining that you can not influence : emotions and reactions. You can not affect the feelings of the users because they are all individuals. At first, the ten delivered objects invaded our workspace. Day after day we unpacked them, put the boxes away and set them up in the room. We talked about them a lot, sometimes we criticised them, sometimes we found some comfort in using them. In a word, we experienced them. The way you interact with an object charges it with a unique story. Because you make your own interpretation of it, you reframe its initial purpose when putting it into a new context. As a user, you add to the design; you do what the designer could not expect. This is what we like about Danish Designs. They are complex enough to fulfil their purpose and yet simple enough to give freedom to the imagination. They fit into every home because they leave room for the user to decide for themselves what they are meant to be. In these short texts we describe our own experiences of accepting the objects into our personal environment.

The studio designed ten specified metal structures with magnifying glasses to highlicht each topic of the ten designs. Next to this the visitors of the installations get a set of cards explaining the thoughts and interpretation by Sebastian Herkner for each object.

commissioned by Danish TM

project assistant: Betty Montarou