sebastian herkner


Onno, Ray CS and Lou for Nya Nordiska (2016)

Working on Das Haus we had the opportunity to design some fabrics for our partner Nya Nordiska. The architectural context and the idea of having softer and translucent walls have been the cause for the concepts of Onno, Ray CS and Lou. We transferred typical surfaces of modern buildings and facades like metal grids or corrugated metal surfaces into curtains.
Modern pleated fabric Onno looks sporty and uncomplicated in drapery applications. The fabric is laid alternately in 2 cm and 4 cm pleats, creating exciting edge with this consciously irregular look. Ray CS is a textile mesh of a quality suitable for use in public premises. Overlaying the fabric creates exciting graphic patterns and shadows that give it a three-dimensional effect. As a modern polka dot fabric in strict graphic arrangement Lou toys with contrasts between transparency and opacity: the polka dot spaces are cut out of the ultra-light polyamide base fabric using laser technology.

producer: Nya Nordiska

project assistant: Sara Grandt