sebastian herkner

nan16 (2008)

Being manufactured through traditional metal compression process, the ceiling and floor lamps of the nan16 series have their secret and innovation in the lampshade. The idea behind the design is that the nearest source of electricity at any kind of table is the lamp at the ceiling over the table. The lamp nan16 seizes this idea and upgrades its conventional function with an additional feature. A separate socket is attached to the lamp for any electric appliances with a bus bar to the middle of the bottom part of the lamp shade. Memorable is the symbiosis between modern shaping, traditional handcraft, and the technical invention. The lamp series nan16 is suitable for various lighting atmospheres and situations of both living and working. It can stand for a lamp for the dining table to plug a toaster or raclette, as well as for your personal workplace to charge the notebook or mobile phone. A separate handle made of leather allows you to carry or to grasp the lamp and to deal with it in a more comfortable way than with other lamps.