sebastian herkner


o-light for Buschfeld (2016)

o-light for Buschfeld is the first OLED luminaire worldwide (30 cm × 10 cm OLED) designed by Sebastian Herkner for application with a standard low-voltage system. Bringing the light of tomorrow into galleries, offices, hotel lobbies or superior private residences today.
o-light was designed exclusively for mounting on LightLight® track, which was developed by designer and founder of the company Prof. Hans Buschfeld. The new luminaire module achieves a luminous efficacy of up to 100 lumens per watt, depending on the version. The light emitted is diffuse, soft and glare-free, and generates practically no shadows. Moreover, it does not incorporate light from the blue end of the spectrum. o-light does not generate heat and can therefore be installed in close proximity to heat-sensitive materials and art works.
o-light combines the ground-breaking advantages of OLED technology with an ultrathin 3 mm housing made of black anodised aluminium. The modules can be mounted quickly and easily anywhere on the track, as required.
Designer Sebastian Herkner: “o-light has been reduced to the essential: light and lighting. High-precision state-of-the-art minimalism. The OLED is surrounded by an anodised aluminium frame and can be mounted on buschfeld track, achieving a delightful floating effect.”

producer: Buschfeld