sebastian herkner


Plateau collection and Raso lightings for Ex.t (2016)

Plateau, our first bathroom collection, is inspired by the idea of playing and experimenting with shapes and colours, to create a set of products that are stylish as well as useful and versatile. That's how a sidetracking plateau came up, becoming the stylistic leitmotif for the entire collection. Functional and elegant, this detail is a feature in every piece from the bathtub and washbasin to the mirrors, just as a shadow in movement sets down on different surfaces whilst keeping its shape. A set of tactile lamps called Raso completes the collection giving light and colours to a new concept of bathroom that is continuously blurring its borders with the other spaces. The Plateau Cabinet is using tinted and structured glass panels to get a sophisticated and elegant approach.

producer: ex.t

2016 - 2017