sebastian herkner


Mbrace Dining for Dedon (2018)

Having firmly established itself as a poolside and lounging favorite, Mbrace now brings its welcoming embrace to the dining area. New additions are characterized by the same joyful unconventionality, deep comfort and rich material mix that made the
original Mbrace collection such a hit, winning it the prestigious ‘Best of Best’ prize at the Iconic Awards 2016.
Made of solid teak and available in two sizes, the dining table shares the design language of the chairs, from the construction of the base to the surfboard-like curves of the tabletop. Made of slats, with small gaps between them, the tabletop also shares the open, breezy quality of the woven seating. “Not just a closed surface, the table interacts with the garden,” Herkner explains, “same as with the chairs.” A daybed completes the MBRACE lounging selection, with eye-catching organic curves and understated Nordic elegance.

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producer: Dedon