sebastian herkner

Plissee Floor Lamp for ClassiCon (2020)

With the Bell Table design, which kicked off our cooperation with ClassiCon in 2012 and was our first step towards international recognition, Sebastian Herkner turned our usual perception of materials upside down. The studio once again achieves this
effect in a fascinating way with his Plissée Floor Lamp: the lampshade, like a sensual, weightless balloon of light, balances on a metal base. The trick: what is reminiscent of artfully pleated textile is in reality hand-blown glass. An elaborate artisan production process enables this soft, textile-like, visual effect and hence the realisation of our vision. A dimmable LED light source provides the individually desired light intensity. The design of the Plissee Floor Lamp hence unites traditional craftsmanship with an industrial component – and, not least through this combination, carries the unmistakable signature.

producer: ClassiCon