sebastian herkner

Caribe Basks for Ames (2020)

Matching the caribe chic series, ames presents the chic baskets designed by Sebastian Herkner. The baskets are made of recycled plastic strings and powder-coated metal tubes using the traditional "mamposino" braiding technique and are also suitable for outdoor use. Available in three different shapes and two sizes each, the baskets provide space for plants and also serve as decorative storage for other favourite items. Inspired by the unique nature of the Huila region, where the Tatacoa desert meets the Rio Magdalena, Sebastian Herkner chooses muted tones for the storage baskets. They recall the colours of the earth, the desert and the water. The baskets are made in small factories in Bogotá using techniques typical of the country.

producer: Ames

pictures by Andres Valbuena