sebastian herkner

Par Raya rugs for Ames (2020)

Subtle colour combinations and a play with contrasts characterise the new Par Raya rug by Sebastian Herkner. With a lively stripe design, the designer is expanding the collection of handmade natural fibre carpets. The colour range is based on the nature of the Huila region and reflects earthy, warm tones. The yarn from which the rug is knotted in the Santander region is made up of 28 individual threads, which are pre-sorted in an elaborate process. One Master Artesano works on each vertical loom and sets knots next to knots. The Par Raya rugs are made of the natural material fique. The wild-growing agave-like plant consists of hard, long fibres that are flame retardant. It goes through a complex process: the washed fibre is soaked for 15 hours, dried and then brushed by hand.

producer: Ames

pictures by Andres Valbuena