sebastian herkner

Savignyplatz table for Man of Parts (2021)

We wanted to create a dining table for Man of Parts that combines the best of hand-made craft and modern technology. The Bavarian maker uses a 5-axis CNC machine program to achieve the shapes and combines it with traditional hand finishing to great effect. We were inspired by how the sculptor Henry Moore combines space and material and Savignyplatz is a table with different perspectives from all angles. The way the table orients itself with voids and organic bevels help connect it’s mass to those around it. We call the table Savignyplatz because the table aims to be a part of people’s life and the center of the home - as a dinner table but also as a meeting place.  In being a round table of sorts that’s not quite round it’s true to the spirit of Man of Parts and it’s founder, Stephan Weishaupt, in becoming a venue for many perspectives to meet.

producer: Man of Parts