sebastian herkner

Blume armrest versions for Pedrali (2021)

The Blume collection designed by Sebastian Herkner has been enriched with a new version with armrests. The Blume armchair, also available in a lounge version, reproduces the soft, rounded shapes of the collection, which owes its distinctive appearance to a sophisticated flower-shaped profile in extruded aluminium that follows the curvature of the armrest and endows the seat with an unmistakable style. The enveloping curvature of the armrests is expertly shaped to ensure continuity with the seven-petal section of the characteristic profile in extruded aluminium. The entire collection is marked by clean lines in which all the screws are concealed from view, and this version with the armrest attached to the frame is no exception. With its enveloping softness, the Blume collection offers refined chairs designed both for relaxing living areas and for convivial restaurant and lounge settings, allowing the user’s well-being to take centre stage. An extremely comfortable collection, in which the slender frame and the soft, generous polyurethane foam of seat and backrest are harmoniously combined. Internally, the backrest has a polypropylene core, making the product flexible and lighter. The steel structural element, placed under the seat to strengthen the chair and to secure the legs, is removable: this way all of the product’s components can be disassembled and disposed of correctly at the end of their life cycle.

producer: Pedrali