sebastian herkner

Trails collection for M2Rugs (2022)

In the designs of the Trails collection, a clear hand-dug style is recognizable. Sebastian Herkner’s designs emerged as a spontaneous translation of intuitive hatchings on paper. In close coordination with M2R, these designs were translated into different colour and material worlds. This results in five designs that symbolize walking on different paths through their colourfulness and tangible materiality.
On each path there are different combinations of materials and floor heights. An example of this is Forrest Trail, in which silk, mohair, Tibetan highland wool, as well as nettle were processed by hand at different heights. The result transforms a furnishing object into a sensory experience.
“Designing the first collection for a new label is always a search for traces, very intuitive and in dialogue with the manufacturer. For M2R we have taken different directions which we show by means of hatching in different colourways. Desert, Sky, Mountain are sensual experiences that can be experienced through material combinations, colours and structure.


producer: M2Rugs