sebastian herkner

Marlow collection for Wittmann (2022)

Bridging the gap between timeless aesthetics and memorable form has always been a specialty of Wittmann. Unobtrusive yet showing plenty of presence, Marlow is the latest proof of the sure hand with which the manufactory consistently focuses on precision craftsmanship and first-class design. Sebastian Herkner brought his unmistakable signature to the table, designing a casual and sensual sofa and loungecchair for everyday use. When it comes to furniture, the much sought-after smartness factor has less to do with technical finesse than with a plus in quality of life. A sofa is smart when it effortlessly blends into our favorite surroundings, fits its owners and enriches everyday life with a sense of having arrived. Marlow achieves this with soft curves and soft upholstery. A pocket spring core ensures - quite typically Wittmann - the very highest seating comfort. A precisely placed piping frames the arm and back cushions. The sofa is both cozy and communicative, as well as compact and adaptable. Hidden under the armrest cushions is a pocket in which magazines or working papers can quickly disappear when needed. On request, this pocket optionally contains a small technology package with a power socket and two USB ports - for relaxed working in a private atmosphere. All these is valid for the lounge chair as well.

producer: Wittmann