sebastian herkner

Cartagena Reina Cocoon chair for Ames (2022)

A new dramatic statement piece joins the Cartagenas collection by Sebastian Herkner: the Reina Cocoon chair. Featuring a strong colour contrast and an oval-shaped, protective roof, the chair brings vibrancy and a touch of eccentricity to any outdoor space. Part throne, part beach chair, the piece will stand out on any poolside terrace, balcony or in the garden. Its unique character and bold colours make Reina a stunning eye-catcher – just like the wonderful hummingbirds I saw on my trips to Colombia’, Sebastian says about his inspiration. This collection is an ode to Cartagena, the lively coastal metropolis on Colombia's Caribbean coast. It has long been an energetic melting-pot, where Colombia’s diverse ethnic communities live side-by-side, creating a city landscape where various cultural backgrounds merge with each other. When walking through its streets and alleyways, new colours, patterns, and perspectives await behind every corner – just like this chair reveals a new side from every angle.

producer: Ames Sala