sebastian herkner

Juna for Schramm Werkstätten (2022)

We have created an unmistakably versatile item of design in Juna. We have impressively achieved the aim of granting the bed a more significant role in everyday life. The design draws the sleeping solitaire closer into the living area, where it serves as a communicative, free-standing place. This aspect is emphasised by the complementary bench, which can be positioned in front of or behind the bed. No longer a mere location for the best in relaxing sleep, it also provides a place in which to work, eat or read. The modular design of the headboard legs creates a variety of applications from which to choose. An integrated USB port, a round bedside table offering a small shelf, or perhaps a swivelling LED light to illuminate your reading materials? The choice is yours.

producer: Schramm Werkstätten