sebastian herkner

Pattern of Crafts at Homo Faber (2022)

Our studio was one of the curators next to Robert Wilson, Judith Clarke, Michele de Lucchi or Naoto Fukasawa of prestigious event Homo Faber by Michelangelo Foundation in Venice 2022. The studio explored the crucial contribution master artisans make to the world of interiors. Taking the geometric pattern of the terrace of the Basilica of San Giorgio, on San Giorgio Maggiore island, studio Sebastian Herkner invited selected European master artisans to interpret this lace-like octagonal pattern in a graphic artwork to be displayed on the wall of the Barbantini Hall. Whether in marble, glass, mosaic, stucco, wood marquetry or textiles, these exquisitely crafted pieces demonstrated how the savoir-faire of master artisans can inspire the imagination of a designer to produce dazzling pieces of interior decoration, integrating time-honoured techniques.

commissioned by Michelangelo Foundation and Homo Faber