sebastian herkner

Lia and Kaia for Arflex Japan (2022)

We designed a table and chair for a new way of eating for Japanese brand Arflex Japan. Kaia is a well-balanced design that combines a voluminous shell with delicate steel legs. The small size of a lounge chair and the high seat height combine comfort and workability. By combining with the 64 cm new high table Lia, you can eat and work in a more relaxed posture than before. We propose a new style in an era where the way of spending is diversified.
The Lia table has wavy legs made of 4 molded plywood. The original shape that lightly goes beyond the concept of a wooden table is the image of a pretty dancing ballet dancer tutu. The smooth top plate at the end gives consideration to the gentle feel when the arm is placed.

producer: Arflex Japan