sebastian herkner

Rio sideboard for Punt (2022)

The Rio collection is based on my fundamental design language working with honest materials and local craftsmen to achieve unique designs. For Punt I selected solid wood, structured glass, marble, textile and brass to create a collection of  cabinets and lamps. Rio is about the balance of materials and the balance of proportions. The Rio cabinets have in common that they are all placed on solid marble cylinders. They provide stability and grandeur in contrast to the precise and fine crafted cabinets on top. Thin wooden frames and push to open doors with different inlays like structured wood are kind of bridge the two pedestals. The dialogue between all components creates an sophisticated character. The Rio lamps use the same principle. Like sails of a boat the three lampshades are resting on the marble cylinders. They are all different in sizes and create together a volumne of the light. The sails are done in textile or brass with a decorative pattern of holes. We designed a table version as well as a floor version.

producer: Punt