sebastian herkner

Twins collection for Emu (2022)

The Twins collection plays with materials; it contains two twin versions, each with its own identity. The first is entirely made of 100% FSC teak, simple and natural; the other, original and unique, is the result of an interesting mix of materials between teak and one of the main components of EMU products: aluminium. In this version, the aluminium edges underline the shapes, creating a perfect harmony with the teak structure. The distinctive trait of Twins is the ability to enhance the softness of wood by eliminating its angularity through a continuous line concept: the result is a chair with round and sinuous shapes that welcomes and embraces. A complete collection, which overcomes the boundaries between outside and inside and creates perfect environments and settings, both through the twins themselves and by mixing playfully and functionally with other materials, products, designs, and styles. Twins offers dining chairs with and without armrests, lounge armchairs, sofas, and tables, as well as a wide range of fabrics and upholstery that can customize seats and backrests.

producer: Emu