sebastian herkner

Hansa for Ento (2023)

The light curves and soft forms of Hansa embody not only aesthetic, but also human values. His handle echoes buildings and concepts in the Hansaviertel complex — today’s Interbau — in Berlin, as a social housing project of international importance. Hansa features the reduced R6 rose, only 6 mm thick and is available also with C3 rose,  for windows and on plate.‎ Like all the products in the range, the HANSA is made of brass, which not only ensures a flawless finish and high resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents, but also conveys a sensation of heft and solidity to the grip.‎ The Robot is available in chrome, satin chrome, high-performance H-Finish satin brass and in the new Matt black enamel S-COATING versions.

producer: Ento